Harde treningstak i Barcelona

Jon Amtrup
NSF-seilerne har akkurat kommet hjem fra en intensiv ukeslang treningsøkt i Barcelona.

NSF stilte med i alt 22 seilere og seks trenere til treningssamlingen i Barcelona. I tillegg stilte Olympiatoppen med fire eksperter.

Treningsoppholdet varte fre mandag til fredag og var en blanding av fysisk trening og seiling. Alle seilerne startet 06.45 hver dag og ga seg ikke før klokken var 21.00.

Jeg ba alle seilere kjøre så hardt de kunne i løpet av fire daglige treningspass, og vi så tydelig at de tok steg fremover som idrettsutøvere I løpet av oppholdet, sier Rio de Nijs, sportssjef I NSF.


Her kan du lese hele hans rapport fra treningssamlingen:

With a team of 22 sailors, 6 coaches and 4 Olympiatoppen experts, the first Prewinter trainingcamp in the Barcelona International Sailing Centre was filled with intense action.

Most sailors arrived one or 2 days before to make sure the boats were all in perfect order, so that they could get through the gruelling training plan, which started on Monday at 06:45 and had a daily end around 21 hrs in the evening. "On Friday morning, during the final debriefing, I felt a satisfied relief that we actually managed to have pulled that off" sport director Rigo de Nijs said.

In a 'tag team' coaches and experts tried to find a good balance between physical-training and water-training and keep it all intensive. "The upcoming winter is essential to use it as efficient as possible to make huge steps in the 'fundamentals' of sailracing, later on we can go more into the performance racing game again" de Nijs explains. "I've asked everyone to go as hard as they could for 4 sessions per day, and I could see each of them growing as an athlete, in his or her own way"

The international standard in the Olympic scene is that the top countries train about 210 days per year on the water and then have about 3 sessions per day. They definitely do a lot more on boat work and other preparation, the rest of the days, but that's the standard.

"In Norway I think that with examples and experiences like Norwegian cross country skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby, we should be able to translate that culture and experience into our sailing team. In that perspective this was a first step of more to come".

During the camp we had OK conditions. Off shore breeze in the morning and light thermals in the afternoon session. Day one set the tone quite tough when we were surprised with a small taste of the Tramontana with some squals up to plus 35 kts. Everyone got out save in the end and we all have another story to tell.

Another goal that we have reached is the upgrade of understanding between sailors, coaches and Olympiatoppen experts. Every day they were out on the water and trying to understand and even feel what all our training on the water actually means… "That's pretty cool" our 49er team Mathissen said.


Good winds! Rigo de Nijs