Toppidrett: Olympic Team’s adventures

Rigo de Nijs​
On todays opening blog - The first 100 days as new sportssjef: My name is Rigo de Nijs and as most of you already know I’m the new ‘sportssjef’ for the Norwegian Sailing Team.

​The idea of this little corner of this homepage, is to keep you up to date with our ‘Road to the Tokyo medals’

Introducing myself would be far to boring and therefore I feel we’re touch much more ground if tell you that I’m extremely fascinated with the ‘Norwegian behaviour to snow’, which is very much like the Dutch people lose every form of decency to having ice on the lakes. Today the most impressive picture in this perspective was observing a guy in the next door Burger King ordering a burger with his skis in in his hands and dressed in full skiing gear! I almost felt at home until I realised the things in his hands were ski instead of skates.

 More to the point of sailing I was quite pleased that we had a fair part of our ‘revitalised’ Norwegian sailing team on the water for the 1st World Cup in Miami, USA. It gave me a good opportunity to get to know the sailors in their natural habitat, which is while training in their boats and where it counts the most. And just the fact that the majority of our opponent national sailing teams gave a ‘no show’ is for me partially an indication that other national teams haven’t set their tracks as well as we have done. Prioritising of having the teams on the water as much as ‘humanly possible’ is the 1st step for starting up the fundaments on which to build success.

 I hope to use this ‘website corner’ to give you ‘peeps’ into our escapades and little learnings that we encounter on our ‘Road to the Tokyo medals’.

Have a happy weekend and fair winds!

Rigo de Nijs

Sportssjef Norwegian Sailing Federation